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The Test


The Test

That cloak you’re wearing,

you think it keeps you warm.

Take a look

and see how it’s made.

Your fears and hopes,

your presentation to the world,

remnants of cloth held by labels.


That stain

is the last time you were angry.

And for what?

You didn’t get your way?

The waiter was slow?

Some driver cut you up?


The cloak hides

who you really are.

A shield from the world.

Its warmth a disguise.

You’ve worn it so long

It’s just like you.


Discarding it

is the real test.

Could you survive

just being you,

living for the moment,

ignoring what you feared,

discarding plans

when uncertainty

is how life is.


How many

have the courage?

A protective cloak

may hide your anxiety.

It needs strength

to understand

that’s all it really is.

Michael R Chapman
~ master of none ~
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