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Anti-Recipe Book

Anti-Recipe Book

Many years ago I started to write about living on my own and one of the features that became clearly important was how to be single, cook badly but get away with it. I read out some of these ideas at a writing group that I attended at the time and it was suggested that they should be collated into a book. This was eventually published by Gopher Publishing. I have not set up the entire book on this web site but some of the chapters, edited here and there for modern taste in grammar and style, are here for your enjoyment.

Life, The Universe and Aubergine Flan

Some years ago, my marriage failed. Hardly an earth-shattering event in the history of the world. Just another item on the never-ending lists pinned up on divorce court walls. But, as a personal event, it was pivotal to my developing a new view of myself...

I am not Lazy, I Just Cut Corners

Over the years, in my 40s and 50s, I got myself attuned to the subtleties in the balance between an effective, good-looking meal, and the complexity involved in preparing it. Some friends didn't see it that way. I have, in my time, been called all manner of things, particularly by women, once they have got to know me and see the apparently nonchalant, uncaring, corner-cutting, lazy way I purchase food and prepare meals...

Me and the Animals

When it comes to eating animals, I have to admit to a nodding acquaintance with the sensibilities of

vegetarians and vegans.  Actually, I am neither. But I can see what they are getting at.

International Rule Breaking

There are a number of reasons why I do not follow recipe books. One is the simple fun of cutting corners and breaking rules to see what turns up, but another flows from foreign travel. Once I had embarked on my second stint of being single, my interests began to extend way beyond my kitchen and even female company. 

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Michael R Chapman
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