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A New Earth

A critique of a major publication by Eckhart Tolle. A New Earth has sold over 5 million copies since 2008 and is the follow up to his publication ‘The Power of Now’. He believes humanity is doomed and attempts to convince us of a new way of thinking that removes the ego. 700 words.

A Picture of Happiness

An attempt to answer the question we've all been asking. Unhappiness. Why is there so much of it? 1,500 words.

Content and labels

To what extent do we prejudge by looking at the world the way it presents itself rather than taking a look to see what's inside? 1660 words

Getting out of Gao

A short piece about the God forsaken town of Gao, Niger, one of the experiences of travelling round West Africa by public transport. 700 words.

Making do in Africa

This piece of 1,000 words is a brief resume of the difficulties of life in Africa and of giving for the right reasons and at the right time. I have visited the continent on a number of occasions and lived in Senegal for a short while. 

Mere Christianity

This essay is a critique of ‘Mere Christianity’ by C S Lewis, an intellectual of the mid 20th century who was famous for being an atheist who converted to Christianity. His most famous publication was ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ the first of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia’. 1,400 words.


A 1,000 word piece about why we should not waste our time and our life. The question is, of course, what is and what isn’t a waste of time? The article has been published in the Mayfield and District U3A anthology.

Rabies in England

A 900 word piece about being bitten by a Peruvian dog.


An essay of 2,500 words describing how random events hit one’s life and how one’s reaction to them produces further events equally random. Perhaps the control we imagine we have is an illusion.

Safety in Numbers

An essay of 2,000 words which critiques the notion that there is safety in numbers. The conclusion I reach is that there is not unless you’re a predator. 

The Bald Truth

A very brief piece on the tragedy of going bald

The Justification for Disobedience

A piece of 900 words which attempts to justify breaking the law.

The Price of Experience

This piece documents a journey I made by bus to Kathmandu. It could have been treated as a short story as the facts have been fictionalised. The travel agent philosopher is an invention to get a point across. 2,500 words.  

The Texture of Glass

Memories of an unusual experience as a boy playing with a chemistry set. 1,300 words.

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Michael R Chapman
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