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Blue Rigi

A Painting by JMW Turner


 Blue Rigi



A Painting by J M W Turner


In disregard for shape and form,

it hangs before us.

Soft tones of blue and yellow,

as morning rays break on the peak,

paint the lake with light and shade.

Your favourite painting like

I’m your favourite man.


You cannot own it but I am here

to be held instead

yet am rejected still.

You have things to solve alone

and I must stand by, helpless,

distant but so near.

Like the masterpiece before us,

unpossessed but so close

we can touch it if we dare.


The sun will soon explode

over the ragged silhouette

and those by the shore

will have their lovely day.

Yet for us, our day is there,

waiting, beyond the mountain

you have built in self defence.

And I must stand by the water’s edge

watching the light

that dances to your command.

Michael R Chapman
~ master of none ~
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