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Best Laid Plans

In the woods

there’s the bed of a brook

now dried and arid.

We can view the scene from

an ancient, loose timbered bridge

but there’s not much to see

if we do.


An idea!

Build a new pond.

Clear the sticks and stones,

the leaves and cones,

lay down a sheet,

hold it with rocks

and let the rain do the rest.


We can line it with

shade loving plants,

ivy, hostas

perhaps build a rockery.

Our fairy tale piece

of woodland magic.


The rain is steady

but then so are the leaks.

The sheet is pierced

by nature’s minutiae.


The copse now surrounds

a blanket of drying

detritus that’s as far

from fairy tales

as it’s possible to be.


He collects up

his week’s work

and re-thinks it through.

Never mind dear she says,

maybe next year. 

Michael R Chapman
~ master of none ~
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