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This website is, to be honest, a piece of self-indulgence. As I write I am uncomfortably into my seventies with two children, two grandchildren and many friends and I have decided that I would like them to know a bit more about me before it's too late for me to tell them. 

I see my family often and have a busy social life but that just shows others who I am at a social and conversational level. Most of them know I paint, take photographs, write and sing and this website is for delving a little into the detail. 

When my mother died, my sister and I received a bag or two of family snaps and a few paintings she'd done over the years. Now, in the age of technology, I can file stories, photos, poems, essays, art work, photographs and songs in a manner that takes up no apparent space and, I assume, lasts for ever. My family, friends and acquaintances can see and read and listen to them at their leisure, if they wish to do so. 

So, to all those who know me, and to those who don't, this is a collection of work I have produced over the years and will, I hope, continue to be enjoyed, or at least commented upon, long after I have disappeared. 

‘Ah yes, experience. Always feels useful when you get it. But the next time you need it never arrives...The next time you need different experience’

Extract from The Price of Experience, an essay



Michael R Chapman

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Michael R Chapman
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